Finished first Intellectual Output of INMA Project

The main result of this first period of the project was the design and development of the Synthesis and analysis of innovation needs and challenges of EU SMEs. The partners carried out this activity with the aim of analyzing needs and challenges regarding innovation in EU SMEs in order to identify relevant changes and national contexts specific features.

Each partner developed a national report gathering information about the current country situation in terms of general economic and social indicators, number of SMEs and microenterprises, evolution in the past years, investment in innovation by sector; as well as a description of main SMEs networks in the country and main new technologies used in SMEs. Each report includes a desk research and interviews with questionnaires to SMEs representatives.

The Romanian Partner SMRDA developed the synthesis report at the European level gathering together all the information reported by the partners in national reports.

The Synthesis has been designed in English and it will be translated into National languages.

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