In Italy the INMA training course started on28th February and lasted until 22th May and 15 trainees took part in the piloting activities, all of them were women and the average educational degree was the bachelor.

The main part of the training has been delivered online with presential sessions organized at each crossing point during the course. The first session was essential to present the course and organize the activities with the participants, as well as to introduce the first module of the training. Then, other sessions have been organized to present next modules and at the same time clarify some aspects of the previous ones. 

The last session had a twofold goal: it has been used to carry out follow up activities about the training as a whole and to introduce to prepare the trainers for the internship programme. In fact, the last part of May and the main part of June will be dedicated to the internships. Trainees will thus have the chance to operate as real Innovation Managers in SMEs context. They will mainly work in pair to highlight the innovation needs of the hosting company and to design their Innovation reports.

At the end of June ERIFO will organize a final session to carry out a follow up after the internships and to present and collect the reports.

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