The second multiplier event of the INMA project took place in Italy on 15th February 2017 and it was organized and hosted by ERIFO, in its Meeting Room in Rome.

The Workshop addressed employers, SMEs, and businesses with an interest in Innovation. A promotional campaign has been carried out both on social media and by invitation to ensure visibility and participation.  During the workshop participants were provided with a general presentation of the “Innovation Manager” Occupational Competences Profile  and the INMA Training Pack enhanced at European level. An important part of the workshop had as a focal point the  presentation of the “Innovation Management Agents in SMEs” Internship Program.

The main part of the participants were representative of SMEs, but also other categories were represented, such as Higher Education Institutions, Trade Unions, No profit Organizations and Public Administration Bodies.

During the workshop participants received project brochures and information materials. They were also involved in open discussion on the main topics presented and particularly on the functioning of the Internship Program and the concrete possibility to host one of the INMA trainee.

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