Implementation of SMRDA Training Course

During the implementation of INMA – Innovation Management Agents in SMEs- project, South Muntenia RDA organised 2 multiplier events. First Multiplier event, organised on 28 June 2016, was attended by  29 participants and the 2nd RO Multiplier Event (21 march 2017), had 31 participants. Both events were dedicated to the local stakeholders and project target group in order to disseminate the INMA training course, highlighting the opportunity to gain qualified personnel in the area of innovation for SMEs.

Between the dates, 27 march 2017 – 07 june 2017, the South Muntenia Regional Development Agency were implementing the SMRDA Training Course. The Romanian Training Course were attended by 20 participants, out of which 7 students will develop the internship in Public Administration organizations,   11 persons will follow their internship at the SMEs headquarters and  2 of them will carry out their practice session at Romanian Red Cross (NGO. Also, 5 trainers were involved in Romanian Training activities, out of which 1 prepared serioulsy the final evaluation session.


The main fieds in which people have chosen to do their intership are: agriculture and horticulture, health services, training services, water supply services, advertising, public transport and production (paper production).

On 3th may 2017, SMRDA representatives organised at SMRDA headquarters, the written assesment session  of INMA Training Course. Currently, the student internships are in progress, people started their work activities within the organisation they have chosen.

Moreover, at this moment, the South Muntenia RDA is in the process of accreditation as an authorized provider for Innovation Manager (with consent of Documenta as promotor of INMA Training Course), given the fact that more Romanian people requested about an Official Certificate recognized in Romania. Also, each module was taught by  different trainer who has developed also the online session.

The final training session of INMA Course will be organised on 7th June, 2017, at South Muntenia RDA headquarters. The event will be attended by the representatives of romanian stakeholders and INMA students who will present their work activities.

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