Music is a social phenomenon inherent to humanity, it is a universal language that every human being understands beyond the native language used. The songs and melodies that we carry in our cultural baggage involve certain ideas, meanings and values that intimately relate the sounds to the community that produces them.

The contest aims to promote women’s self-expression through songs.

The song contest was an opportunity for participants from different cultures and volunteers to work in groups choosing songs, individually show their musical preferences or just have a fun time together, regardless of the musical quality. Recording the performances on video achieved the involvement of other participants who did not want to sing but did collaborate in the performance.

Ya me enteré / I already found out

The song belongs to Reik, a Mexican Latin pop band. Heartbreak and the wish that the lover come back is the theme of the song.

Mi dama de hierro / My Iron Lady

Modern song that tells about the love and absolute surrender of the woman to her beloved, available for him at any time (being your slave, your shadow, your spoiled girl …). The song became popular in the 80ths by Marisela, a famous american/mexican singer.

El triste / The sad

Romantic song that tells about the sadness when the love is over. It’s a classical bolero became popular by the well known mexican singer José José.

Cómo me haces falta / How do I need you

Love song in which the lover describes the need of the beloved. Fight of love and fear of loneliness. The song was sang by the famous pop and ballad singer Marbelle from Peru.

Basta ya / It’s enough

Love song that talks about the break up of a couple since the relationship is being difficult and one of the parties is suffering. It is a call to end a harmful relationship and start over. The original performer, Olga Tañón, is a Puerto Rican singer of merengue and Latin pop.

Regresa / Come back

Love song in which the beloved is asked to come back, since without him/her life loses meaning. To return even only to say goodbye. The original singer, Eva Ayllón is a well-know artist of Peruvian music. She sings Afro-Peruvian genres and Creole waltzes.

Bésame mucho / Kiss me a lot

«Kiss me a lot» is the title of a song written in 1940 by Mexican pianist and composer Consuelito Velázquez (1916-2005). It quickly became one of the most popular bolero of the twentieth century.

Clandestino / Clasdestine

Clandestino is a famous song by Manu Chao that tells  about illegal immigration, about those migrants who travel “without papers” and are considered illegal. In the song refers to Africans, Peruvians, Algerians …

Madre Tierra / Mother Earth

Song performed by the Puerto Rican artist Chayanne very positive that encourages to enjoy the good things that life has, to open our eyes and to give thanks for everything good that happens to us.

Las Mañanitas

Traditional mexican song sang at birthdays. The good morning is given to the birthday person to send the best wishes.

El Rey / The King

Traditional mexican song about the importance of being happy beyond possessions or money. «With money or without money, I always do what I want …» It doesn’t matter to have a lot or a little, but to be able to do what you want.

Cosas del amor / Things of love

Song in which two friends speak and give love advice for not loosing the person they love.

Mi querencia / Appreciation

A positive song that celebrates country live and love.

Thalia’s song about the good of life and that encourages you to enjoy and toast for it. Very positive song where you are urged to leave bad things and continue on the road.

Mawtini (موطني‎, lit. ‘My Homeland’)

Popular palestinian poem of 1934 written by ʾIbrāhīm Ṭūqān c. 1934 and composed by the Lebanese composer Muḥammid Flayfil.

Translated song


My homeland, my homeland,
Glory and beauty, sublimity and splendor
Are in your hills, are in your hills.
Life and deliverance, pleasure and hope
Are in your air, are in your air.
Will I see you, will I see you?
Safely comforted and victoriously honoured.
Safely comforted and victoriously honoured.
Will I see you in your eminence?
Reaching to the stars, reaching to the stars
My homeland, my homeland.

My homeland, my homeland,
The youth will not tire
Their goal is your independence
Or they die, or they die.
We will drink from death, and will not be to our enemies
Like slaves, like slaves.
We do not want, we do not want
An eternal humiliation, nor a miserable life.
An eternal humiliation, nor a miserable life.
We do not want, but we will bring back
Our storied glory, our storied glory.
My homeland, my homeland.

My homeland, my homeland,
The sword and the pen, not the talk nor the quarrel
Are our symbols, are our symbols.
Our glory and our covenant, and a faithful duty
Moves us, moves us.
Our glory, our glory,
Is an honourable cause, and a waving flag.
Is an honourable cause, and a waving flag.
O, behold you, in your eminence,
Victorious over your enemies, victorious over your enemies.
My homeland, my homeland!

Folk song from Congo.

Oh my beloved, you are like clove & I’m a cardamom,

And I’m lost after you,

Your love has taken this lovely single girl.

I am the shadow produced by the moutains of Chamba

I hide your name in my eyes.

Oh my feet are so empty, And you keep going to the city.

I don’t ask for too much, just buy me a pair of anklets

that don’t cost a lot of bucks.

They are easily available for lower prices at markets.

Oh Beloved, I hide your name in my eyes.

My dry hair soar; And I’m so alone without you.

Take me into your arms; Hide the sun with your charms.

I leave a message for you in the skies.

Oh my boy, it’s your name I am hiding in my eyes.

Oh beloved heart, my dearest heart

you’re the secret throb of my pulse and love

you’re my loved one, my pretty love, you are also my other heart

i’m in love and i truly feel like a prince in love

you’re my love and you are my life,

you’re a secret wish in my prayer

you surpass all traits that i look for, in the heart and soul

oh beloved heart, my dearest heart

you’re the secret throb of my pulse and love

what has more letters than the alphabet,

what shines a thousand times the moon we have

my heart will grow so it will have no fear,

so i will feel i am beyond compare

her dazzling beauty makes me want her near,

please take me to this auctioneer

her qualities exceed my wildest dreams.

I’ve got a friend above
I don’t know if that’s the shine of your cheek or reflection of the moon

I swear I don’t even want her
It’s ruining me/It’s causing me a problem I have no hope for my soul, you’re still my beloved
Everyone gets to be with you and

my destiny is to be abandoned by you
I swear she’s torturing me and she has no interest in me.

Who is my sweetheart

Answer me and tell me

You are the one I love

You live in my heart and soul.

A heart says go go, A heart says don’t go

I can’t stand it, Without you

What to do without you, Beautiful beautiful beautiful love

The world is so small, Remember you

Anywhere Anywhere, Don’t leave

The king of my heart you are you are you

You broke my gates, Aid to your heart, You joined me

Now if I’m away from you anywhere

On the other hand, do not close my heart

I am full of desire and desire, Oh sweetheart.

Eyes of help, Afghan mother, painful heart, refrigerant

My good sister, Afghan girl, tears in your eyes, not much

By God this love is not passing, sadness and nostalgia is not your right

I know this, the day is coming, the whole world is kissing you

O our God, it is not a right of passage, it is not a passage

The only way to love is to free you beyond your eyes

By God this love is not passing, sadness and longing is not passing

I know this, the day is coming, the whole world is kissing you

O our God, there is no passing, no passing, no passing

No, no passing, no passing, no passing, no passing, no passing.

Lullay lullay Bache ma Hazaragi.

The mother sings the song to put her baby to sleep.

The fresh air comes to us from the bottom oft he valley.

Please take me to my homeland.

The song is about a bitter pain in the memory of our mothers. The poem is written by Mr. Ghaemizadeh and has been compiled by Nasir Ahmad Sohrabi and Azim Rezai.

The first bit of the song has a mixed rhythm and weight. But this bit has been banished, untouched by a folk tale, among the people of Damirad. In the story, a girl is separated from her mother. This girl is always sad and depressed. He carries heavy pain with him until his youth. Pain away from mother.

At a wedding party, this girl’s friends jokingly push her to sing. Under pressure from her friends, she opens her lips with a heartbeat and sings.

This story, be it reality or legend, is not the only story in history. It is the story of mothers and daughters of our society.

A folk song from Afghanistan.

Mahali Ariane Sayed.

A folk song from Afghanistan.

Mahali Ariane Sayed.

Folk song from Afghanistan.

Dokhtar Herat.Flac by Raziya Bahar.

This song celebrates the empowerment of women and gives the message that women can achieve anything.

Tu Metani by Ariane Sayed

Drunkenness doesn’t cure my pain anymore

the sorrow was born with me wont let me go

the night arrives the nostalgia comes with it

in the allies of night comes with the sound of its steps

I take my old pains to leave them in the pubs

I see someone comes out of the pub

mumbling a song drunkenly the warmth of drunkenness comes

into the veins of my body, lets see with whom do i want to talk?

who would want to listen to me?

because i get drunk with strangers, someone looks familiar to me

but of my bad luck its the sorrow, tired of any thing that was

tired of anything that is

i told sorrow that i want to go, like every night so drunk

my heart is so empty like always, i wanna cry alone

i return home to see no one is there for me

i see sorrow is following me.

World is passing

The world and the work

The world and the work

Be kind,

Oh young man

Be kind,

Oh young man

A devotional song from Iraq.