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YES. – Youth Unemployment: Enhancing Entrepreneurial Skills

yesCOLYES: Youth Unemployment: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills

LLP-Leonardo Da Vinci-TOI

Lenght: 24 months

Agreement: 2012-1-TR1-LEO05-35155

Start: December 2012


Project promoter:

Development for Vocational Technical Education Centre (METGEM) of University of Bahcesehir. Istanbul (Turkey).


T. R. Governorship of Istanbul, Estambul (Turquia).

Young Businessman Association Of Turkey Bursa Branch , Estambul (Turquia).

Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade, Lisboa (Portugal).

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Larisa (Grecia).

Baltic Education Technology Institute, Vilnius (Lituania).

Documenta, Instituto Europeo de Estudios para la Formación y el Desarrollo, Santander (España).



Unemployment has been rising sharply in the Europe as a result of the global economic crisis. The increase is felt in all countries, although the severity varies widely between countries and groups. Nowadays, youth unemployment rates are generally much higher than unemployment rates for all ages.

In spite of the European economy’s recovery, young people across Europe continue to face high levels of unemployment. To face this reality, “effective training programmes need to be accessible to all young people from across the Member States in order to ensure that they have the necessary skills to apply to a variety of positions in the EU. During these difficult economic times we need to unlock the huge potential of start-up entrepreneurs and stimulate them to take the final step and set up a new enterprise. Small enterprises are creating most new jobs and are the driving force of our economy.

YES project seeks a solution to the needs identified above, by addressing youth unemployment via boosting entrepreneurship and new mindsets in young people, raising awareness of self-employment as a career option. An innovative VET programme, based on two entrepreneurship approaches, is presented by the YES project.

In all this process, VET providers play a key role. In this sense, the YES project will equip VET providers with methodologies, tools and competences in order to be the future entrepreneurial educators and thus speed up entrepreneurship learning among young unemployed in all partners countries.



The overall aim of the YES project is to support the development of “sense of initiative and entrepreneurship” EU key competence in young unemployed, equipping VET providers with methodologies, tools and competences in order to be the future entrepreneurial educators and accelerate entrepreneurship training for unemployed youth in all partner countries.

Specifically, provide a comprehensive solution for the development of entrepreneurial skills (through ePROF and ePack) aimed at VET providers who will acquire new knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate the young unemployed personal development, employability and participation in the European labor market.

The operational objective of the program is the transfer and adaptation of the ePack and ePROF requirements/characteristics of each participating country and the needs of the target group, which will facilitate the development of innovative practices in the field of vocational training.


Key results:

  • Transfer of two methodologies and innovative tools: ePack and ePROF focused on developing the skills of business performance will be transferred by FDI and BETI. While ePROF is an innovative model and a profile assessment tool, ePack is an e-learning package for entrepreneurs.
  • Development of one European Curriculum VET (ECVET) for young entrepreneurs and a common guide for integration into VET existing national programs.


Target group:

  •    Suppliers/trainers in VET
  •    Unemployed youths
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