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Two online trainings to promote citizen participation in the fight against poverty and social exclusion

DOCUMENTA, through the Erasmus+ project “Responsible Smart Citizenship against Poverty and Social Exclusion”, is launching two training courses this November with the aim of promoting participatory processes of social inclusion and the fight against poverty. Both training courses are complementary: the first of them is more theoretical and delves into key concepts related to participation; the second is more practical and is aimed at managing participatory methodologies and techniques for the design and implementation of projects that fight poverty and seek social inclusion. Continue reading for all the information.

During this month of November, the training platform of the “RSC against P&SE” project and the registration for the two free trainings developed in the project are available. The trainings are:

“Training Program for the creation of Local Communities for Inclusive and Collaborative Learning against Poverty &Social Exclusion”:

  • More theoretical initial training that delves into the concept of participation, its keys and principles, the levels of participation and the different participatory techniques.
  • Its objective is to create an essential theoretical base about participation, offering materials and resources so students are aware of and understand the phenomenon of participation and its complexity.
  • It lasts 72 hours, with a final test of 10 questions (at least 7 must be answered correctly) and thus participants achieve a Certificate of Participation.
  • It is intended for all citizens, highlighting organization technicians, volunteers, students in the social field, members of youth associations, neighbors, etc.

“Training Program for trainers in Participatory Methodologies & Design & Evaluation of Inclusive & Collaborative Learning Projects against Poverty & Social Exclusion”:

  • More specialized training. To carry this out, it is recommended to have completed the previous training or have prior theoretical knowledge in participation (for example, another similar training).
  • It is a more practical training that offers participatory methodologies and techniques to design, manage and implement participatory processes in the community.
  • It lasts 72 hours, with a final test based on the creation of an idea for a participatory project to fight poverty and social exclusion, which will be evaluated by the DOCUMENTA technical team. After passing this test, a Certificate of Participation will be issued.
  • It is aimed mainly at organization technicians, political and social leaders and citizens trained and knowledgeable in participatory issues.

To carry out these two trainings, a Participation Forum has also been developed, so that ideas, materials and resources can be exchanged between students. It is possible to access it after having registered for one of the training courses.

Furthermore, DOCUMENTA, as the entity responsible for the training in Spain, will be in charge of accompanying the participants in their training journey, providing resources, materials and comments, as well as resolving any doubts that may arise. To do this, we have an email address,, where, once registered, we ask you to send us an email with your information so we can send you the materials and accompany you in the training.

Finally, we leave you direct links to the essential elements of the platform. Don’t forget to mark the country correctly (SPAIN).

Important links:

“RSC against P&SE” platform


– Complementary materials: Digital Toolbox and Methodological Toolkit

– DOCUMENTA email to send the data of each participant:

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