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StepUp2-ICT: Stepping Up to Technology in Adult Education towards Awareness, Assessment and Access

StepUp1Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange Good Practices

Action: Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education

Project Total Duration: 24 months

Start Date: 01-10-2017



Project Promoter: Training 2000, Mondavio (Italy)

Project Partners

Instituut voor KennisManagment, Dilbeek (Belgium); Klaipedos Universitetas, Klaipeda (Lithuania); Documenta, Santander (Spain); Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa (Portugal)



Relevant Topics

– ICT – new technologies – digital competences.

– Open and distance learning.

– New innovative curricula/educational methods/development of training courses.


As stated in the Europe 2020 documents high quality education and training are needed to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The adult education sector can make a significant contribution to achieve this goal. Quality in adult learning has been explicitly on the EU-level agenda since the 2006 and the Renewed European Agenda for adult learning (2011) also explicit that particular attention should be paid to the quality and efficiency of provision. In particular it points out need of making better use of ICT in the context of adult learning, as a means of widening access and improving the quality of provision and exploiting new opportunities for distance learning and the creation of e-learning tools and platforms in order to reach new target groups.

The quality of education and therefore of educators is one of the most important factors in shaping the quality of adult learning: adult learning staff help learners to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes. The professional development of people working in adult education is therefore a vital determinant of the quality of the sector. However the role of the educator becomes more that of a coach, facilitator and moderator. New skills are required for planning the setting for new learning environments, for integration of learning techniques based on ICT (e-learning, blended learning) in the classroom, and for guiding and supporting adult learners in their professional learning processes. These new requirements are the most challenging because most courses in adult learning are not given by qualified adult educators but by people with a variety of backgrounds such as school teachers lacking experience with adult learners, or experts with no educational background at all.

The AAA-StepUp2-ICT project’s target group is represented by adult educators who are the key to improve the quality of the adult education provisions and impact directly on the end users (adult learners). The AAA-StepUp2-ICT project is innovative since it focuses on building the ICT capacity of adult educators in their specific occupational context. It is not directly focused on curriculum and structures but on training and workplace practices and that is reflected in the design and proposed outcomes of the project.

Main Intellectual Outputs 

O1_ Pedagogic Handbook: “Getting to use online learning, web 2.0 technologies and mobile apps in Adult education”.

O2_ Modularized training programme: “Facilitating Educators’ and Trainers’ uses of online learning, web 2.0 technologies and mobile technologies in different Adult education contexts”.

O3_ Open Educational Resources for Adult educators and trainers.

O4_ Community Platform.



– Adult learners.

– Adult educators’ trainers.

– Institutional management (adult education and training centres).

-Educational policy-makers and planners.

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