DOCUMENTA is a non profit organisation working in the field of “applied social research”, whose main aim is the introduction of a model of sustainable local development in Intelligent Territories. Since its foundation in 1996, DOCUMENTA has consolidated an experienced cross-disciplinary professional team, forged through a methodology of its own, which combines reflection and action around four different lines of work:
  • Territorial analysis and strategic planning.
  • Integral service to entrepreneurs on training, employment and advising.
  • European programmes’ design and management.
  • Active participation in development cooperation’s projects.
Our philosophy, methodology and actions have led to the incorporation of the concept of “sustainability” in our daily work and to go further in research and applied innovation around new focus of interest. This issues are product of the social demands characteristic of the s. XXI: social capital, governance or corporate social responsibility. We think that a NEW ECONOMY that places PEOPLE and NATURE in the centre of the economic thought is possible; we also think that if we can imagine it we can help to build it. DOCUMENTA’s Strategic Plan establishes the following working axes:
  • Territorial Planning and Applied Social Research
  • Training, Employment and Promotion of Entrepreneur Culture
  • Euro-Management: Management of European Projects
  • Environment and Agenda 21
  • Culture Management and Tourist Development
  • Social Economy, Third Sector and Equal Opportunities
  • Micro-Financing for Local Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Generation of Social Capital, Governance and Networking