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Resources Centre for Self-employment and Spin-off Creation

Implementation period: 1997 – 2000.

Initiative / Programme: ADAPT Initiative. 

Financing Entity: European Commission (D.G. V).

Promoter: Excmo. Ayuntamiento de El Astillero.

Coordinator: DOCUMENTA.

Co-financing Entities: Regional Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Employment and Technological Development of the Goverment of Cantabria – Employment D. G.

Collaborating Entities: Regional Direction of INEM; Commerce, Industry and Navigation Chamber of Cantabria, University of Cantabria; Study Centre of El Astillero and Guarnizo and Ministry of Education and Science.
Scope: Municipality of El Astillero and Guarnizo (Cantabria).

Target groups:University professors; students with entrpreneur initiatives; Businessmen


The resources centre for self-employment, has been conceived as an instrument that promotes the acquisition of new knowledges and attidudes change, both of university professors and students, and of workers and businessmen; using activities which ease a mutual approach; offering information, training and guidance to new entrepreneurs, and easing the set into motion of entrepreneur ideas through the creation of a Business Incubator.

The Centre has contributed to increase the competiveness of local SMES and to create employment through the new opportunities detected in the local area and more precisely through the development of Spin-offs. To do so, a tool for the detection and set into motion of academical spin-off has been created, which has been used to impulse new entrepreneur activities in the municipality.

Products and results:

– STUDIES: Study on Spin-Off experiences, Industries, Occupability.
– TRAINING: Training programme for Directors, Entrepreneurs and Trainers.
– PROMOTION OF COOPERATION: Businessmen Forum. Local Economic Policies Sessions. Creation of the Emple@Cantabria Website. Edition of 4 ADAPT Bulletins.
– INDUSTRIAL PROMOTION: Set into motion of a Business Incubator as a physical space for the development of new entrepeneur activities.

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