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PR-ERF. Practical Methodology for Acquiring Key Competences of European Reference Framework through Continuous Vocational Education and Training

PR ERFLogo1PR-ERF. Practical Methodology for Acquiring Key Competences of European Reference Framework through Continuous Vocational Education and Training

Leonardo Da Vinci Programme. TOI

Agreement nº: 2013-1-SE1-LEO05-15265

Inicio: enero 2014



Project Promoter

Folkuniversitetet stiftelsen kursverksamheten vid Uppsala Universitetet, Uppsala (Sweden)


MMC Management Centre Ltd, Nicosia (Cyprus)

DIMITRA Institute of Training and Development, Larisa (Greece)

DOCUMENTA, Instituto Europeo de Estudios para la Formación y el Desarrollo, Santander (Spain)

REVALENTO Consultancy, Tilburg (Netherlands)



The European Reference Framework (ERF, 2007) identifies and defines, for the first time at the European level, the Key Competences (KC) that all citizens require for their personal fulfillment, social inclusion, active citizenship and employability in our knowledge-based society. The acquisition of KCs is of particular importance in VET to facilitate individual pathways from VET to constantly changing labour market.

PR-ERF project is two year Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project whose aim is to develop a holistic methodology for recognition and development of 8 ERF Key Competences as a package of Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes that all individuals need to acquire through CVET for personal fulfilment, development, inclusion and employment.

The proposed methodology will be linked to level 4 of European Qualification Framework in order to be compatible with CVET requirements. The methodology will comprise an assessment tool to validate competences according to EQF level 4 and identify the gaps towards the CVET program. The project is going to be implemented in personal assistant profile/sector.

The methodology is based on the product of Cyprus Leonardo da Vinci EQLearn project, namely methodology for recognition and development of ERF KCs in initial VET for integration of low-skilled adults. The training curricula and materials developed in EQLearn correspond to basic levels of the European Qualification Framework (EQF) up to level 3.

The proposed project will further develop the EQLearn product for CVET programmes, which correspond to EQF levels 4-5 by developing the following outcomes:

1.-Interactive training curricula and methodological tools for development of 8 ERF competences in CVET for personal assistant profile. The curricula and pedagogical material will be transferable to CVET programmes in other sectors.

2.-Assessment tool for validation of students level and gaps to required EQF level on entry and also students results. This makes KCs acquired in CVET programmes transferable and recognizable in all EU countries.

3.-E-learning platform.

4.-Training for trainers’ material.



– Trainers, for recognition and development of KCs in CVET, especially for (re)integration of unemployed learners.

– Students of CVET programmes, for self-development regarding KCs to become more competitive on labour market.

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