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PR-ERF : A comprehensive training package for personal assistant in healthcare sector

PR-ERF is an innovative training solution that includes:

PRERFnBol1. A training curricula and methodological tools for development of 8 ERF competences in CVET for personal assistants in healthcare sector.

2. Assessment tool for validation of students’ level and gaps to required EQF level on entry and also students results. This makes KCs acquired in CVET programmes transferable and recognizable in all EU countries.

3. Moodle E-learning platform.

4. Comprehensive training for trainers’ material.

PR-ERF curriculum has a target group of VET students attending the program “personal assistant in a healthcare sector, doctor assistant, dentist assistant” and the like.

PR-ERF curriculum is a practical combination of two very important tools namely: European Reference Framework (ERF) and European Qualification Framework (EQF):

  • PR-ERF adapts ERF. It aims to develop a practical solution for the personal assistants in a healthcare sector in order to develop their key competences taking into account the work areas they are active in. PR-ERF is not a total solution as it takes into account existing curricula for the sector. The program aims to have the role of a therapy of the gaps not filled by existing curricula.
  • It is also aligned with EQF as it develops curricula at EQF level 4.

PR-ERF consists of 12 sessions where each session consists of 2 areas of development. In total 24 areas of development have been developed (3 areas of development per key competence).

PR-ERF methodology and final products will be delivered in 5 languages: English, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, and Spanish.


Piloting stage: curriculum and training materials at test

The PR-ERF project has entered its final phase: once it has been elaborated curricula and training materials for the 8 Key Competences of the European Reference Framework, the partnership will proceed to test the materials through the provision of at least 3 of the competences in each one of the countries participating in the project, being common to all of them the key competence 3 Learning to learn.

In total 10 sessions will be held, with a total duration of 56 hours and the participation of at least 50 trainees from the 5 countries participating in the project.

Testing phase started September 10th.  

Further information newsletter 3 of the project:


PR-ERF project is two year Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation funded with support from the European Commission.

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