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LIKE. – Learning through Innovative Management Concepts to Ensure Transfer of Knowledge of Elderly People

LIKE. Learning through Innovative Management Concepts to Ensure Transfer of Knowledge of Elderly People
Call: Life Long Learning Programme. GRUNDTVIG
Length: 36 months.
Starting date: October 2011
Resolution number: 517619-LLP-1-2011-1-GR-GRUNDTVIG-GMP

Partners involved in the project


  • 3L RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Athens (Greece)


  • SWSPIZ (Academy of Management), Lodz (Poland)
  • University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (Scotland)
  • Folkuniversitetet, Uppsala (Sweden)
  • Documenta, Santander (Spain)


This proposal aims to contribute to the definition and development of a renewed European social model for one category of disadvantaged population, the ageing workforce, which is increasingly excluded from the labour market.

The main goal is to study how innovative managerial approaches might generate concepts that respond to the urgent situation Europe is undergoing, for instance unemployment of elder people, lack of basic skills or the falling birth rate.

More concretely, the main aims are:

        Developing new approaches in the struggle against age barriers at work

  • Promoting adaptability of the labour force in a changing business environment
  • Highlighting managerial business concepts related to age to encourage participation, performance and productivity of the labour force (in an innovative-oriented context)
  • Supporting new aims in the interest area related to managerial policies regarding age in order to meet future demographic needs (innovation oriented)
  • Raising employers´ awareness and influence older workers in a positive way

    The project pursues the following specific objectives :

·       Improving current methods of age management

  • Introducing new concepts of business organization in order to improve older workers´employability within the entrepreneurial framework
  • Developing all the necessary tools in order to minimize impact of age barriers and discrimination on the basis of age when hiring someone as well as boosting training to develop new management concepts
  • Identifying the most appropriate fields of employment for older workers in order to promote their employability
  • Promoting activation and use of older staff abilities
  • Identifying qualifications oriented to new businesses for older staff in order to improve their skills and abilities
  • Developing a strategic plan in order to satisfy demographic future needs
  • Exploring current practices that are being used to foment a bigger participation of workers in the lifelong learning
  • Developing innovative ways which encourage participation of older workers and the understanding of professional/vocational training.
  • Creating training programmes that promote a bigger participation of workers and break down learning barriers
    Creating training programmes for the concept of age management
  • Working closely with employers through a wide range of industrial sectors to educate and inform of the concept of management and professional training for the older workers.

Target audience

  • Older workers and older unemployed people (over 50)
  • Employers, SMEs
  • National bodies that take part in professional training and lifelong learning
  • Employment services
  • Social partners
  • Political leaders at a local, regional, national and European level Training providers, educational institutions and lifelong learning institutions


1.     There will be conferences and workshops in order to introduce concepts such as age management, staff training and business organization
2.     Awareness workshops for human resources managers
3.     The acquired knowledge during the project will help to provide a coherent consultancy (with the use of respective tools) in order to qualify partners involved in their territories. That combination of consultancy and tools will define the project
4.     Older workers and older unemployed people will be better informed regarding their value on the labour market and lifelong learning. In like manner they will acquire the needed skills and competences in order to remain or re-enter the employment market
5.     Employers who have acquired knowledge on management concepts related to age will be better qualified to adapt their companies and human resources to new conditions on the labour market
6.     Finally, national agencies, employment, educational and training services as well as political leaders will be able to make use of the results of the project and use them to influence future strategies in the employment area while training older workers within concepts related to age.  

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