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LECIM. – Learning Cities for Migrant Inclusion

LECIM. – Learning Cities for Migrant Inclusion
CALL: LLL – KA4 Dissemination and Exploitation of the Result
LENGHT: 24 months
STARTING DATE: January 2010
RESOLUTION NUMBER: 504814-LLP-1-2009-2817/001-001




Key Partners
CEFIR – Education and Intercultural Training Centre, France
ZSI, Centre for Social Innovation, Austria
GSUB, Consultancy of Social Enterprises, Germany
Budapest Public Employment Service, Hungary


The idea is to add value to the results obtained in previous projects and experiences developed by the partner organizations of the project in topics related to social and economic integration of immigrants in urban environments, as well as to boost and encourage their adaptation and transfer to new realities through local networks in which the public administration has a vital role.    

There have been implemented multiple tasks with a great success in different European cities, where each experience is related to features of their own local reality. In doing this, actions developed helped to respond to real and concrete needs. With the current project those experiences will be analyzed and adapted for their future transference, having in mind that the main factor of their success is always a real desire and active participation of all the stakeholders in each initiative to be launched.

The project seeks to maximize the impact of the actions for adult targeted to immigrant people education, run in mid-size European cities, through the transfer of 3 best practices which resulted successful in previous projects in the European cities of Bologna, Berlin and Dunkerque. On this occasion, the preference goes to Catania, Santander and Budapest.


–    To improve the capacities of Local Development Partnerships to identify and implement a Vocational Training and Adult Education Action Plans addressed to people with migrant background, integrated with the other policy areas and public programmes aimed at the social and economic inclusion of immigrants (housing, employment, entrepreneurship, intercultural issues) 
–   To bring stakeholders together in design the integration process of the education actions into cities welfare system, on one hand improving the capacities of Local Development Partnerships´ Lead Organizations (Local Administrations, Local Development Agencies) to manage networks, in accordance with the participative approach, on the other hand raising the involvement of local stakeholders.
 –   To raise the knowledge of successful local experiences, in facing the immigrants´ needs, of policy-maker, public Funds’ Management Authorities and Local Administrations, in order to define a better policy framework for the actions of Local Administrations and to allocate public financial resources to support such experiences.  


•    Local Administration, mainly Local Government Councillors that carry out activities which facilitate immigrant integration.
•    Other social partners (NGOs, Associations with support to the immigrants, etc.).


–   Analysis of the situation and evolution of immigration in three cities.
–   3 chosen and analyzed good practices of 3 cities with wide experience and background in immigration
–   Creation of the local network in three “hosting” cities of good practices
–   1 international conference in Brussels.
–   3 tables of experts in each of the three hosting cities.
–   Technological support tools that are needed (web and communication)
–   Participation in the European Network Project that Works on immigrant issues through meetings and communication with the hosting cities
–   Final report to European Commission

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