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Key competences for personal assistant in health care sector

A bridge between training and needs of the economical sector to improve employability of workers and recent graduates

prerfIn an economy characterized by change and evolution, companies have to show flexibility and adaptability to be competitive in a market where products and services are continuously innovate. Similarly this context requires an adaptation of the skills and knowledge of workers to maintain their employability in the company and in the market itself.

This means to cope with a training provision that it is not known in advance and must be updated continuously. In this sense, CVET is the best supporting for companies and workers.

The program developed in the PR-ERF project faces this situation by providing through the curriculum proposed in the Key Competences of European Reference Framework the knowledge, but also, skills and attitudes that will assist the upskilling of employees along their working life.

Specifically, PR-ERF proposes a curriculum and training material for each one of the KC targeted to the personal assistant in health care sector, namely:

1. Communication in the mother tongue

2. Communication in foreign languages

3. Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology

4. Digital competence

5. Learning to learn

6. Social and civic competences

7. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship

8. Cultural awareness and expression

This is not only a program for learning or acquiring a certain knowledge in foreign languages, entrepreneurship or cultural expression but also to awaken in learners the mechanisms that improve their development so that later they should be able to go further and transpose in other learning levels, diferent economic sectors or in other work situations throughout life.

This is a program targeted to skilled employees/students or persons with laboral experience in the field of personal assistant in health care sector that offers an innovative training adapted to the specific needs of this group.

For this reason it has been designed a program for each KC that is composed by 12 separate sessions that can be distributed throughout an academic or calendar year. Each session contains two or three units average for a total duration of three hours. This structure enables to re-order sessions or choose between those that best suit the training needs of the learners group. The recommended frequency of sessions is one per month.

PR-ERF provides a holistic, innovative, flexible methodology that has been developed after analyzing the training provision of formal training in the different countries participating in the project by a multidisciplinary group of experts composed of active professionals in the health sector, teachers, students, experts in lifelong learning, education authorities, etc. As a result of this work there has been detected those gaps between education and market that personal assistants required for better performance of the position. Provide appropriate training to overcome these gaps is the aim of the contents of this curriculum.

After completion of curricula and methodological tool, it will be developed a validation tool that will make transferable project outcomes at European level. All materials developed will be available in e-learning platform.

Further information and project status:

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