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JOB BROKER.- The evolving role of the JOB BROKER across the EU

jb1JOB BROKER. “The evolving role of the JOB BROKER across the EU”

Life Long Learning Programme. Partnerships

Agreement nº: 2013-1-GB2-LEO04-11132

Start: octubre 2013 



Project Promoter

Rinova, London (UK)


Anaplasis Business Consultants LTD, Limasol (Cyprus)

Documenta, Santander (Spain)

ENFAP. Ente Nazionale Formazione e Aggiornamento Professionale- Comitato Regionale Toscano, Florence (Italy)

VMST. Vinnumálastofnun, Reykjavík (Iceland)

ABIF. Analysis Consulting and Interdisciplinary Research, Vienna (Austria)



The Partnership will explore the VET dimension of the occupational figure of the ‘JOB BROKER’.This relates to those VET and employability professionals who have an occupational role concerned with supporting unemployed young people (YP) and job-seekers with multiple disadvantages to find employment. It encompasses a range of functions of different kinds of counselling, education and training organisations which train and support job-seekers.

With increasing levels of unemployment across the EU, particularly for YP, the skills and competences of the JOB BROKER are critical. However VET staff are increasingly having to act in a ‘quasi’ or actual JOB BROKER role but have not been trained to do so. Increasingly, JOB BROKERs have to go beyond matching unemployed learners or helping with job search to a doing a much more demanding, skilled and specialised occupation, where both employers and job-seekers have high expectations. However, there is a lack of recognition and validation of the role, and therefore a lack of specific professional training for it.

The project will exchange good practice in the VET dimension of ‘job brokering’ and explore how an outline competency framework for the JOB BROKER with direct links to NQF and systems of the partner countries and EQF.

This will be achieved by:

1)identifying the existing profiles, competences and training needs required by the JOB BROKER to be successful in their roles and reviewing the NQF, EQF and the ERF frameworks for competencies to support job sustainability;

2)developing an information advice & guidance tool to support the JOB BROKERS’ continuing professional development needs;

3)sharing and disseminating good practices about effective ‘job brokering’ models with demonstrable impact on YP’s job sustainability.



The Partnership specific objectives are:

1. To exchange, analyse and compare among the partners good examples of effective ‘Job Brokering’ models/practice to achieve sustained employment opportunities for young unemployed people returning to work;

2. To analyse and compare the occupational profile, competence requirements and overall national policy practices concerning the “key figure” of the JOB BROKER in the partner countries;

3. To align the JOB BROKER occupational profile against NQF in the partner countries and create a link between each national qualification system and the EQF, with a view to improve and extend the professional skills of the JOB BROKER;

4. To develop/produce a VET guidance tool to contribute to the professional development of the JOB BROKER figure; and

5. To promote and disseminate among the partners countries successful models of effective ‘Job Brokering’ services targeting unemployed young people.



1) Practitioners working in VET training / guidance, job brokers, consultants, career councellors.

2) Unemployed young people participating in training and employment programs in the partner institutions.

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