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INMATOUR project gets to its end

INMATOUR project gets to its end

INMATOUR 2016The partners of INMATOUR project, promoted by DOCUMENTA, organized last October 17th and 18th 2016 the last transnational meeting foreseen within the project after two years of joint work, were main aim has been the definition of a new professional profile named INMATOUR (European Manager of Innovation in Intelligent and Responsible Tourism Destinations) that deepens in and empowers the efficient and sustainable management, innovation and commercialization of tourism destinations at European scale. But this has not been the only activity we have developed during the las 26 months.

The meeting was used to review all activities and products developed, and we share them here with you now.

As you know Erasmus+ projects, apart from Intellectual Outputs and Multiplier Events, include also other transversal activities such as management, dissemination and evaluation.

Let’s start with activities and products under MANAGEMENT activity. Several have been the products developed with the aim of facilitating correct implementation of foreseen intellectual outputs. Here is the list of main ones:

        Project Management Guide, with the methodology of work, allocation of responsibilities, mechanisms of conflict resolution and project planning and monitoring system.

        Progress reports each 6 months (technical, financial, and dissemination) to follow development of activities, allocation of resources and dissemination activity in each country according to agreed templates.

        4 Transnational meetings to address technical/specific issues and do the follow up of the project. These meetings have taken place in Spain, UK, Cyprus and Spain.

        Ad-hoc meetings when needed. In INMATOUR there was only need for one to strength the virtual social community / network, which took place in London.

Several are also the activities carried out under DISSEMINATION:

          Development of the dissemination Guide (implementation of the dissemination covering the entire duration of the project).

          Design of logo and common image of the project.

          Design of the project and profile leaflet.

          Project newsletter of which this one is the last one.

          Project website and facebook page

And finally EVALUATION which has been one of the key activities for success:

          Evaluation and Quality management guide.

          Evaluation activities of the learning activity in Cyprus, multiplier events and transnational meetings.

          Interim project evaluation report.

          Final evaluation report

Regarding Intellectual Outputs themselves, the partnership has developed all intellectual outputs foreseen in the project:


Within this IO the partners have defined the curriculum for the new INMATOUR profile and all training materials for trainers with the 5 defined knowledge areas: Creativity & Fostering Talent, Sustainability; Smart Destinations and ICT; Governance and Social Participation; From Corporate Social Responsibility to Territorial Social Responsibility. All contents have been developed in the partners’ languages (EN, ES, EL, SE).


Training for INMATOUR was defined as a blended one which needed the support of a multilingual on-line training platform. We have created the platform and uploaded all training contents in the partners’ languages.


To strength the curriculum we have created an INMATOUR multi stakeholder network, based in a virtual community tool, for all people interested to share know how and exchange information.


Final publication with the model, de sector and the profile has been published and uploaded to the project’s web in all languages.

Finally, we also organized a LEARNING ACTIVITY in Cyprus in order to learn, review and validate training contents for the different areas of knowledge developed by the partners.

If you want further information do not hesitate to contact us and visit INMATOUR project website:

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