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INMA creates a multimedia training tool for managers of innovation in SMEs

INMA (Innovation Management Agents) European initiative co-ordinated by Documenta   with active participation of Santander Municipality among other European partners, is designing and currently testing a training multimedia tool for Innovation Management Agents that will open a pathway to the labor market to highly qualified women facing unemployment

Multimedia Training Tool  InmaBoletin1

This multimedia training tool for Innovation Management Agents is the main result, soon to be completed of INMA European project, aiming to increase SMEs competitiveness through innovation correct use and adoption, while promoting women participation in this sector. INMA online tool, based on a study and a comparative analysis of the current situation regarding innovation management in European SMEs, develops four key areas of knowledge: New Technologies, Knowledge Management, Strategic Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resources.

Pilot Trainings

One of the key challenges of the European project is to ensure the practical effectiveness of online learning through INMA multimedia tool therefore, the project partners are currently carrying out three simultaneous pilot trainings to test INMA tool in Greece, Spain and Poland throughout the last quarter of 2012.


The pilot trainings of approximately 600 hours (400 hours of theory and 200 hours of practical work) are being developed with a dual approach combining in-class sessions, led by tutors who specialize in each INMA five thematic areas, and the theory online study through the multimedia tool. INMA training tool testing through the pilot trainings has been very well received in the three countries, where the quota set at 25 students per course, has been overpassed in the early days of the call.

To conclude INMA pilot training students will have to conduct a practical work that will benefit local enterprises, which will have the opportunity of obtaining an Innovation Management plan specific to their business, that will help them improve their competitiveness and positioning in the market.

Virtual Social Community

The communication and information exchange media used by the students, tutors, enterprises and organizations is INMA Virtual Community, created to encourage and foster active participation and exchange between universities, students and enterprises. Through this international platform the Organization networks and Innovation Agents networks built in the three countries, have the opportunity to share ideas, exchange information and implement the acquired theoretical knowledge into the current business environment. Besides a meeting and discussion place for all stakeholders and important source of information, the Virtual Community is a useful tool for disseminating at European level all content, activities and results of INMA project. (For registration click on:

At European level it is expected that the materials produced in INMA Project will help the knowledge-based growth and job creation.

INMA: Innovation Management Agents

Project title:                INMA: Innovation Management Agents

                                   Education and Culture DG Life Long Learning Programme

Call number:               2010-1-ES1-LE005-21047

Project duration:         27 months. October 2010 to December 2012

Project partners

Documenta- European Studies Institute for Training and Development, Santander (Spain)

  • Dimitra Institute of Training and development, Larissa (Greece)
  • Revalento, Tilburg (Netherlands)
  • West Pomeranian Business School, Szczecin (Poland)
  • CEEI Provence, Aix-Provence (France)
  • GTIR S.L., Santander (Spain)
  • Ayuntamiento de Santander, Santander (Spain)
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