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InCommon Toolbox Final Conference

Towards migrant women and refugees cultural citizenship


The COVID 19 global pandemic makes unviable to hold the conference on schedule. These are unexpected and rapidly evolving circumstances beyond our control. Once the alarm state ends, we will resume the activities for the dissemination of the materials and InCommon experiences. The desire of the InCommon team is a prompt containment of the virus and a quick recovery of those affected.

InCommon Toolbox is a project funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Commission for the integration of refugees and migrants, with the participation of partners from Austria, Cyprus, Spain and Greece. The project has implemented, along more than two years, an individualized guidance pathway aimed at 400 migrant women to achieve their full participation in the host community through culture.

As a final touch to this work we will hold a final conference involving all the agents who participated during the lifetime of the project.

It will be a day in which we will present the results of the project and make a reflection on integration through culture and education. Special attention will also be given to other issues such as improving access to cultural resources by the migrant population at local level or the specific barriers migrant women faced in their integration process.

As starter here it is the agenda. Attendance is free and open prior registration:




Date     March 27th, 2020

Hour     10:00 h

Place    Centro Cultural Madrazo. c/Casimiro Saínz, Santander


10:00-10:15 h    Welcome and institutional opening

10:15-10:45 h    InCommon Toolbox, the project

1ª part. Cultural Citizenship, the exercise of active citizenship through culture

10:45-12:15 h    Round table. Themes:

· The gender barriers of migrant and refugee women for their social integration.

· Cultural and educational resources at local level: access and services for migrants and refugees.

· Integration to culture, a double way.

· Other context on integration: the situation in Austria, Cyprus and Greece.

Guest speakers:

· Municipal representatives of the areas of culture and social services of the Santander City Council.

· Political representatives and project coordinators of the countries participating in the project.

12:15-12:30       Coffee-break

2ª part. InCommon experiences

12:30-13:45 h    Debate. The voice of migrant women and stakeholders participating in the project:

Dynamic session between migrant women, speakers, public and stakeholders participating in the project about their experiences and vision of the integration processes.

Joint reflection on measures and policies to improve reception and integration of migrants.

13:45-14:00       Closure

* Final agenda will be released on 16th March, with the guest speakers confirmed.

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