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European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories (GETIR): an innovative professional profile for local sustainable development

GETIR European DOI Project emerged with the aim of designing a new professional profile and training curricula for the European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories, with new professional skills related to spatial management on the local/regional scenario to address the lack of human resources with specific and up-to-date job competencies within this sector in the European labour market

The key role of the European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories


During the last decades, Local Development (LD) has deeply changed in the EU countries, as a set of new concepts (Sustainability, Corporative Social Responsibility, Intelligent Territories) emerged and were progressively accepted in economical and social policies. However, the professional performance of the people working in Local Development and land management areas show a lack of adaptation to the new, specific labour requirements linked to these changes from concept to action regarding local sustainability management (Local Development Agents and similar careers in other countries).

DOCUMENTA worked intensely on the reconceptualization and research of Local Development, focused on effective and socially responsible practices regarding Territorial Development area. Starting from the “Intelligent and Responsible Territories” paradigm, based on several strategic lines to be reinforced in favour of Local Sustainable Development (Corporative Social Responsibility and Knowledge Management in the Territory, Empowerment, Good Governance and Social Capital Management), the basis for a new job profile has been set, in order to update the amount of knowledge, skills and attitudes of people working in LDA field.

One of the main challenges of the project will be the methodological transference of Local Sustainable Development on IR to the rest of European countries, where the role of this manager will be coordinator of social, economic and sustainability issues regarding specific regional or local contexts.

The European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories: a new integrative professional approach

This innovative professional profile has been designed by DOCUMENTA, in cooperation with other European entities fully-experienced in European projects related to training and education (Folkuniversitetet, DIMITRA, IREA), as well as other institutions, such as the Bulgarian Development Agency. Each one of these entities has been responsible for the development of the different training areas of the professional profile, working in-deep in the design of training contents and supporting material for the 5 GETIR areas of knowledge: Knowledge Management and Social Responsibility in the Territory, Social Capital, Locals Sustainable Development, Good Governance, Social participation and Empowerment, and New Technologies.

Simultaneously, and in parallel to the definition of the profile, curriculum contents and required skills for GETIRs, an online tool / support for training has been created, based on a blended learning approach suitable for different territorial and linguistic contexts.

Thinking on its future implementation as a training course, the design of this pilot training will be materialized in a 600 hours-course, with an estimated number of in-classrom sessions (7).

The aspects of accomplishment and applicability regarding GETIR profile and training materials, as well as the practical use of the Online Training Tool are being tested by a number of experts in partner countries, in order to assess quality and future viability of the final training products, as well as their homologation in EU countries.

2.0. GETIR Social Community forum

Favouring transnational exchange of knowledge, ideas, experiences and best practices regarding GETIR profile and areas of interest, as well as lifelong and participative learning, is the rationale for the Social Community developed within this initiative. This 2.0.Community is being fostered by the active participation of partners, experts and end users, serving for dissemination purposes, as well as for the implementation and continuous evaluation of the Projects and the European transference of the IRT model to other regions.

To find out more about GETIR project aims and training curricula, we encourage you to visit its website


Education and Culture DG Life Long Learning Programme

Call number:               510283-LLP-1-2010-1-ES-LEONARDO-LMP

Project duration:         24 months. January 2010 to December 2012


Project partners

Documenta- European Studies Institute for Training and Development, Santander (Spain)

  • Dimitra Institute of Training and development,  Larissa (Greece)
  • Folkuniversitet, Uppsala (Sweden)
  • BDA (Bulgarian Development Agency), Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • IREA Romanian Institute for Adult Education, Timisoara (Romania)
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