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EPHT. Employer Programme for Hospitality and Tourism

ephtEPHT. Employer Programme for Hospitality and Tourism

Programme: Erasmus+ KA2. Cooperation for innovation ad the exchange of good practices.

Action: Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education

Agreement nº: 2016-1-CY01-KA203-017342

Duration: 36 months


1. Partnership

Project promoter

Higher Hotel Intitute Cyprus (Cyprus)

Project partners

Technical Educational Institute of Crete (Greece); Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Finland); M.M.C. Management Center Limited (Cyprus); Cyprus Hotel Association (Cyprus), DOCUMENTA (Spain) and GRUPPO 4 SRL (Italy).


2. Overview

In spite of the tertiary institutions’ continuous efforts to upgrade their programmes in the area of hospitality and tourism, their relationship with the industry needs to be systematized, modernized and reinforced, considering the specific needs of the industry and its high potential for growth and employment of qualified professionals.This project aims to facilitate a functional relationship satisfying the needs of all parties concerned (ie educational institutions, hospitality and tourism enterprises, students of higher education) through the development of an Employer Programme specifically designed for hospitality and tourism.

Therefore, the objectives of the project are:

1. Design a systematic methodology for the development, installation and monitoring of a successful employer programme.

2. Design and Develop an electronic platform (XENIOS ZEUS) as a tool to facilitate the above mentioned methodology.

3. Develop a best practices guide with best practices identified in Europe and the rest of the world as well as best practices developed through the current project.


3. Target group

The project will target not only educational institutions and employers in the consortium but also in the Hospitality sector at Europan level and internationally through several multiplier events an other dissemination activities.

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