Informative events about Erasmus+ projects, developed by Documenta in Cantabria

Throughout September, Documenta will organise two instructive events about 3 of the Erasmus+ projects that carries out in Cantabria: BeOld, FamSkill y Coop-In.
EurekaEspacio Joven

The Centro Cultural Europeo Eureka (23/09/2019) and the Espacio Joven del Ayuntamiento de Santander (30/09/2019) will be the two venues where the informative talks about the 3 Erasmus+ initiatives, which Documenta has been running in Cantabria for the last 2 years, will take place.

Three projects, that aim different target groups and have obtained successful outputs, will be introduced along with developed materials and available resources for each initiative, both of them necessary in order to implement the project in other locations and contexts. Moreover, there will be an approach to the features and requirements of the Erasmus+ programmes.

These informative events are aimed at public figures, social organisations, development agencies and everyone interested in the Erasmus+ programmes.

The projects that will be presented in these informative events are the following:

BeOld: “Better work in old age. Supporting older workers and organizational environment in coping with age transitions and work requirements”

FamSkill: “Basic skills and family learning. An integrated approach to help adults re-engage with learning”

Coop-in: “Social Innovation Training for Virtual Work Based Learning”

Those interested in attending can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 942 76 07 07.