58 projects implemented, 224 European partners (entities and organizations), of which 77 are Spanish and 147 from 27 European or associated countries


“When you set out for distant Ithaca,

fervently wish your journey may be long,

full of adventures and with much to learn. …”

C.P. Cavafy 1837-1933

We refer to the well-known poem of Cavafis because if the poet’s verses reflect the feeling and spirit that animated our journey, figures tell us about the magnitude of the journey undertaken, the distance travelled, the ports to which we arrived, the people we found, of those with whom we worked, shared and lived; of those with whom we cooperated creating collaborative networks to learn, innovate and compete, to contribute to building a more social, more democratic, more cohesive, more united in diversity, more sustainable, more competitive Europe.

Perhaps our contribution was just a drop in the vastness of the ocean, but without that drop, the ocean would be smaller.

It was not the only journey we started and brought to fruition in the last 20 years, but in these pages we will only talk of a marked itinerary of European initiatives (58 projects implemented, 17 major issues tackled, 24 programs attended), of social problems faced together, theoretical models and methodological tools tested, exchange of knowledge, know-how and best practices, awareness and dissemination actions; job creation and fight against unemployment, entrepreneurship, equal opportunities and social inclusion, improvement of professional qualifications and employability, new Professional Profiles and training Curricula, Territorial Employment Pacts and on-line training platforms, knowledge society, ICTs and digital gap, immigration, diversity, cultural management, social participation and citizen empowerment…

A journey of international cooperation, innovation and networking to our Ithaca: a Europe of Knowledge, respectful and proud of its founding values (peace, democracy, equality, diversity, solidarity, social cohesion, sustainability), a Social Market Economy which places people and environment in the centre of the economic thought, an empowered, participative, ethical and responsible European Citizenship.

20 years, one journey, and one purpose: to help build Europe.


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