DOCUMENTA participates in the second transnational meeting of the project “JOB BROKER”

DOCUMENTA participates in the second transnational meeting of the project “JOB BROKER” (Erasmus+) on labour intermediation, which took place in Reykjavik on July 7th and 8th 2016.

Once finalyzed the phase of analysis of the current situation in the different countries, the partnership starts working on the definition of the professional profile of Job Broker and content of the training program in order to update and formalize the training profiles associated with the orientation and employment of people unemployed.

To perform this phase all the partners have worked with both the analysis of secondary sources available primarily on the Internet, as primary sources by conducting direct interviews to different people in the target audience (public and private labour counselors, employer representative organization, job seekers or unemploy people, public authorities…) in all countries involved.

Interestingly, despite the diversity of countries involved ( Spain, UK, Greece, Austria, Cyprus, Iceland, Germany, Italy) main demands regarding skills required for a Job Broker are repeated in all of them, including various topics such as verbal and nonverbal communication, analysis of labour market, empathy, knowledge management, networking, new technologies, etc…

This similarity in the demands is the source for the definition of the common curricular profile and training contents for Job Brokers at European level, which is the work to be done by all partners in the next months.

During the meeting other transversal activities of the project were also debated such as project, products and results evaluation (being DOCUMENTA the responsible organization of this activity) or dissemination through the project website ( or its facebook page among others.